The 2016 - 2017 Improv Soup Troupe

Aaron Foreman

Aaron Foreman is an American born singer, dancer, actor, magician, glass blower, gas station attendant , photographer, makeup artist and, dog enthusiast. He is best known for his roles in Pippin (Pippin), Make Way for Ducklings (Duckling) and in Pitch Perfect 3: Finding A New Beat (The New Beat). He was born in Missouri where he spent his childhood fishing, climbing trees and doing other all-American things. He found his love for preforming at the ripe age of 11 when his mother booked him a commercial for Trader Joes. Ever since then he has just loved speaking in front of people. Lately, he has been practicing with Improv Soup and can’t wait to preform as the broth.

Anya Doherty

Anya Doherty…..give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.You have 15 minutes to complete this test. Please circle true or false. You will be graded on how many questions you get correct.
1. Anya was born with the gift of having an atrocious ability to spell words correctlee. (T/F)
2. When Anya was younger she could be found dressing up in an assortment of clothing to gain laughs from an audience (typically her family) (T/F)
3. Anya is now 14 and can still be found dressing up in an assortment of clothing to gain laughs from an audience (typically her family) (T/F)
4. Anya’s nickname is Onion because Anya always makes people who are preparing dinner cry. (T/F)
5. Anya is in an improv troupe called Improv Soup that serves soup to enthusiastic soup lovers. (T/F)

Emily Kaeser

Emily Kaeser was uneventfully born in December and had a regular childhood. Emily enjoyed watching paint dry, reading dictionaries and golfing. This was until the day she discovered improv. Her change in personality was immediate. She began cliff diving, water buffalo racing and kayaking over waterfalls. Emily would like to thank her friends and family who told her to stop staring at the wall and do something.

Erin Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald was born in the small town of Los Angeles, California. Her parents wanted their lives to formed after a movie their favorite actor, Steve Martin, was in so they had 12 kids and an accident, Erin. Her dad was a reigning champion on “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth grader,” and her mother played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch. Due to the constant singing in the house, and the pressure put on by her mother to follow in her footsteps, Erin set out on a mission to become a famous actress. After a prolonged goodbye to all of her siblings and parents, Erin embarked on a Muppet Montage across the United States and found herself in Mansfield, Massachusetts, out of money and out of luck. While buying a slurpee from 7/11 she overheard Chris Lowey talking to Derek Lynch about an upcoming show, so she interrupted and gave the best audition in the history of the Mansfield 7/11 in the junk food aisle on that warm June night. The rest is history, and Erin cannot wait for her 12 siblings and parents to come see her perform this year.

Ethan Gekow

Growing up on the second largest avocado farm in the United States, Ethan Gekow was accustomed to a dull life of guacamole. He spent his days working on the farm and extracting oil out of the avocados. Through the years Ethan often asked his parents to venture to the outside world, but they had brushed off his questions and discouraged him from asking such sinister things. When Ethan’s father fell ill, Ethan became heir to the avocado fortune, but on the day of this inheritance ceremony something went terribly wrong. Locusts infested the farm and Ethan had to flee. After 30 minutes on the run, Ethan stumbled upon a flyer that read IMPROV SOUP. Consumed by hunger he naturally thought this was an offer for a hot bowl of soup, chowder, etc. Although he has not had a warm meal in months, he had a great audition and loves performing with Improv Soup!

Georgia Rose Fraser
Georgia Rose

About Georgia Rose Fraser… Once upon a time in a kingdom very near a little princess was born to a Brit. and a New Yorker. This little girl was given the name of a country, a state, and a flower to represent her power and beauty. She was fortunate enough to be given the blessing of magical feet. However, this blessing soon became a curse for she longed for something that could match the power of her tapping toes. So, the little princess set forth on a long journey of over fifteen years to find the thing that would accompany her magical feet. Along her journey she came across two duchesses, who like her royal highness, also had magical feet. One day the three lovely ladies came across a mermaid who could do amazing things with her voice. The mermaid was nice enough to teach the princess and her comrades her vocal tricks. The princesses’ thirst for more magic was quenched for the time being, but soon she would again yearn for more. I know you’re thinking she is a spoiled little princess who has everything from magical feet to a magical voice, what more could she want? She wanted to make people more than oo and ah with her magic, she wanted to make people laugh. So she travelled along a red brick road, adjacent to the yellow one, which led to an interesting group of people called Improv Soup! It was there the little princess found a way to make magic by making others laugh.

Jack Branigan

Jack Branigan, born Vladimir Besbalov, was born in the Koryak mountain range deep within the USSR. There he spent his early years working in the beet mines, mining beets for the country’s consumption. It was wearisome work in the mines, especially for an eleven-year-old, and Jack soon felt unsatisfied and feed up with his occupation. He began to hear whispers of a mystical art in a faraway land. Despite being discouraged by his family and fellow miners, Jack set off in search of a comedic career. He traveled across Russia and into Asia, where he would have stayed were it not for a violent disagreement between him and a number of Singapore night club owners. He then fled Asia and came to America, where he changed his name and sought out to join the legendary Improv Soup.

James Donoghue

Credited as the original hipster, James Donohue spent the past 4 years studying at Hogwarts but recently dropped out because “it was getting too mainstream”. He’s a #1 New York Times Bestselling author, the victor of the 72nd annual Hunger Games (representing District 4) and can be heard Lana Del Rey’s songs as the mysterious hollering voices in the background. James co-writes for American Horror Story and spends too much time on YouTube and tumblr. He will try not to disturb the audience too much with his rather sick and twisted sense of humor.

Juliette Ambs

About Juliette Ambs – Known as either “the girl who talks too much” or “the girl who barely utters a word” depending on who you ask, Juliette is that person who changes her Tumblr url every month. In fourth grade, Juliette broke the record for most YA books read in twenty minutes. In her free time, this virtuoso googles wanted criminals and pretends to be an original Pokemon fan. Juliette discovered the world of performance in kindergarten when she was a ladybug in her school play. Ever since, she’s been drawn to the stage like a college student to a ramen sale.

Serena Dunlop

Hi my name is Serena Dunlop, I love long walks on the beach, cherries, and dogs. I’m 5’11” when I put on 6 inch heels, I have two dogs, and had two lizards before accidentally killing them by spraying them with perfume. I’m really good at tic tack toe, and look best in Candid pictures (as seen above). I hope to have a lucrative career in the modeling business, but for now am in Improv Soup, where I hope to showcase my good looks, and other various talents. I’m looking for a man who will not chant satanic verses while rocking back and forth on my grandma’s old chair, or be possessed by a demon, and try to kill me in my sleep. #youcantcallthecopsonthedevil. Anyways…. SWIPE LEFT—SWIPE RIGHT

Shannon Collins

Shannon Collins was originally destined to be the sixth member of a cappella group Pentatonix; but when they went to audition for The Sing Off, they realized she was only 11 years old. Having to let her go, they gave her a special box as a parting gift. They told her not to open it for four years.
On the fourth anniversary of receiving the box, Shannon opened it to reveal a golden rose. Aside the rose lay a note.
“A Roses are red,
This one is gold,
Think of the food you eat when you have a cold”
After pondering this message, Shannon stumbled across an ad to audition for a troupe called Improv Soup!
Shannon was accepted into the troupe, and the rest is history.

Sophie Philibert

Sophie Philibert was born in _______(state) nearly ____ (number) years ago. She grew ____(direction) with her friends, the ________(common last name) from the popular Broadway musical, The ________(adjective) ________(noun). They taught her how to __________(necessary life skill), but more importantly, the art of acting. She used her skills to become a professional human board game piece. There, the Monopoly man introduced her to a new kind of game- the Improv Game. _____(suspenseful onomatopoeic interjection)! She then ______(past tense of auditory verb) of a local improvisation group, so she quit her job and auditioned. She got accepted right off the ____(tool used in baseball). When she isn’t improvising, she can be found being hipster before it was ____(temperature). She is thrilled to be a part of Improv ______(broth-based liquid dish)!

Tamar Stollman

About Tamar Stollman – There once was an ordinary girl named Tamar. All her life, she tried many different talents in order to be featured (and possibly win) her school’s annual talent show, except people kept telling her that she wasn’t good at anything. She tried singing but her voice sounded like a wounded seal begging for help. She attempted doing a dance number to a song from her favorite musical, Prologue from Les miserables but she kept falling due to her unnatural clumsiness. She also tried jumping rope, doing magic tricks, juggling, and more. Not to mention when she tried hamster whispering, inspired by her sister’s misunderstood hamster. Finally one day, she went to the ratty convenient store to get a slice of cheese and came out with a pack of the suspicious candy, Hot Tamales. She liked the name because it was similar to her own. Tamar made her brother try one to make sure they weren’t poisonous. They weren’t lethal but he said they were very spicy. Tamar tried one with caution, it wasn’t too bad, then she put another in her mouth, then another. Finally she managed to fit every single hard candy from the box into her mouth. Her whole family was amazed and she realized shoving Hot Tamales into her mouth, might be her new talent. It was of course until she found out about Improv Soup. She tried to give that a try after almost burning all of her taste buds off. Now her taste buds are better and she loves performing with the troupe!

Tristan Grieve

About Tristan Grieve – Tristan grew up and lived in Bournemouth, England until his completion of secondary school. After visiting a friend on their family farm in Tanzania, he decided to move there. He soon found a job as a secretary to the great archaeologist Louis Leakey, and after years of service, Tristan was able to fund his study of the wild chimpanzees of Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park.  While spending over fifty years living among the chimps, one of them told him of a great place for creative expression: Improv Soup. After watching many shows and having many laughs, he decided to audition and has been traveling between Foxboro and Tanzania ever since.

Zack Kaplan

About Zack Kaplan – Ever since he was a baby, Zachary was always finding his way into trouble, and he enjoyed this very much. Not only did he enjoy this but he strived for it. As he got older he wanted a job where he could pursue what he loved, so he became a criminal. Some of  his greatest criminal feats include stealing Shamu from Sea World, finding Atlantis( and moving it to the moon), abducting an imaginary friend, going over his data plan, convincing his friends he was an alien, and being too fabulous.
Although being a criminal was fun, Zack eventually got caught while committing the act of double dipping. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison, but he made a deal with the judge. He would become a police consultant, and he would use his uncharted intelligence to help bring an end to crime. He worked on a high profile case of an organized crime involving the running with scissors, and caught the man responsible, Victor McStruddlemigormansmorganheimerschmidt, or as his friends know him Big Vic. Zack was then rushed into witness protection, so Big Vic’s associates couldn’t get him. Now to this day Zack Kaplan spends his days in disguise as a teenage boy in Improv Soup.